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1108 College Park Drive, Columbia, MO 65203 
Call us: (573) 445-3418
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Ages 8 weeks - 24 months
Ages 2-3 years old
Ages 3-4 years old
Ages 4 & 5 years old
Our mission at College Park Christian Preschool is to guide and equip children in their spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and social journey. We know that children learn and develop best when they have consistent routines and structure. Because of this we ask that parents be consistent about bringing their child to school on time each day to help their child feel safe and ready to take on new challenges in the classroom. Our goal is to help children become independent, inquisitive, and creative learners. We believe young children construct knowledge through active learning—by doing. The environment we create gives students the opportunity to explore the world around them by using all of their senses. As a Christian preschool we teach the children traditional Bible stories such as Noah's ark, Daniel in the Lion's Den, The Good Samaritan, Creation, the birth of Jesus, and more. Our goal is for the children to learn and know about Jesus and His love for you while encouraging them to use good manners, be kind to everyone, and to always be respectful, responsible, and truthful. Not only are we learning the Bible lessons each day, but we are also incorporating the messages from these stories into our everyday activities and actions. 

To learn more about accreditation please visit our accreditation page here.
We go above and beyond
​Our curriculum emphasizes: 
  • Large and fine motor development 
  • Imaginative growth
  • Creativity in music, art, and dramatic play
  • Making positive choices
  • Building social skills & problem solving
  • Academic readiness